scruffy who?

I'm Charles and this is where I write.

Please feel free to schedule time with me to share your feedback, or email me at scruffychuck at

Professional interests (updated July '23):

  • VP of Sales and third partner at a boutique sales management firm created to amplify the success of natural and specialty food brands online and in-store.
  • COO of Prompt Perfect, a prompt design studio crafting AI solutions accessible to everyone.
  • Investor and board member at Wise Bar, where we use functional adaptogens to make tasty snacks. (OWLSNEST = 20 percent off)
  • Co-host The Blue Hour, a podcast where old friends chat about innovative stuff.
  • Non-voting board member at Kapona, a community resource center in rural Zambia.
  • Head of Charity for the Meatball Parm Invitational golf tournament.

Scruffy is in reference to the janitor in Futurama.

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